We believe in supporting organizations that strive to impact humanity in positive, meaningful, and impactful ways.

Economic Literacy Colorado empowers Colorado students by providing economic and personal financial education through professional development and classroom resources delivered to teachers, schools and school districts. The program continues to expand through the active engagement of 1600+ teachers impacting 104,000+ students state wide, giving them the fundamental decision making skills necessary to be successful throughout life.

With Endeavor's guidence, high -impact entrepreneurs become role models, encourage others to innovate and take risks, and create sustainable economic growth. Together, these partnerships have helped over 1,059 companies create almost 1.5 Million jobs with approximately $15 Billion of gross revenue.

Nokero partners companies with global aid agencies to distribute solar light bulbs and other innovative products worldwide to the 1.3 billion people who lack access to electricity. Solar light bulbs provide increased opportunity for educational study time, increased productivity and income due to expanded working hours, and are a safer alternative to traditional kerosene lamps.

Dr. Stephen Covey takes on the challenge of creating a culture of safety in prisons and jails by offering the 10-12 week training course The 7 Habits on the Inside. This life-changing program helps those incarcerated make better decisions while changing the behaviors resulting in prison in the first place. Studies indicate a dramatic reduction in recidivism and administrative violations for those graduates of the program.

Mile High United Way’s Power Lunch brings together local schools, businesses, and volunteers to read with young students every week to build their confidence, improve literacy skills, and help develop a love of reading. Power Lunch benefits the students, unites a community, enhances teamwork, and fosters corporate presence in the community.